01. He worked so hard; he [deserved] to win the award.
02. No one is more [deserving] of a promotion than Donna. She works harder than anyone.
03. I don't think anyone [deserves] to die, not even a murderer.
04. She [deserved] a higher mark, but she didn't get it because she missed a week of classes due to illness.
05. Henry [deserves] all the credit; he did most of the work.
06. That child is so spoiled; he [deserves] a good spanking.
07. Certainly, the U.N. [deserves] some of the blame for not doing more to stop the massacre in Rwanda.
08. There is a Basque proverb which observes that earth belongs to the brave, but heaven to those who [deserve] it.
09. There is an old proverb which states, "First [deserve], then desire."
10. George Orwell once wrote that at 50, everyone has the face he [deserves].
11. A Swedish proverb advises, "Love me when I least [deserve] it because that's when I really need it."
12. Someone once remarked that everyone we meet [deserves] to be greeted with a smile.
13. The Koran tells us that he [deserves] Paradise who makes his companions laugh.
14. She [deserved] to lose her job. She was actually stealing from the company!

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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